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Privacy and Security

At CompuPay, we are committed to maintaining your privacy and data security. We know you may be concerned with the information we gather about you when visiting our web site and how that information may be used. The following statement addresses these issues and gives you a better understanding of how we care for your privacy. General Information Gathered and Use The type of information gathered about you is entirely dependent upon your use of our Web site. There are two forms of data gathered by CompuPay: (1) site visitor data and (2) personal information voluntarily provided to us by you. Site Visitor Data CompuPay gathers data on Web site activity such as how many people visit our site, which pages they visit, how long they stay, where they come from, etc., on a routine basis. Visitor data is gathered on an aggregate, anonymous basis, meaning no personal information is associated with the data. Data is also gathered through the use of Web server logs and cookies. A Web server log is a file where Web site activity is stored. Cookies are another place where Web application programs can store data submitted to a Web server and the cookie is primarily stored on the visitor’s hard drive. CompuPay only uses a temporary cookie for when visitors take our poll, which the information gathered is used to prevent the same visitor from taking the same poll numerous times. This cookie remains in place for a couple of hours. Personal Information CompuPay collects personal information voluntarily from you such as name, company name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. Personal information is collected through our “Contact Us” page and/or “Need to Know Pricing” page. All personal information is forwarded to our Business Development, Sales and Internet departments. The Business Development and Sales departments handle all visitor requests and feedback. In some instances it may be necessary to disclose your personal information to a third party provider or partner of CompuPay in order to fulfill your request. In these cases, CompuPay acts as the intermediary to send the data concerning your request to the third party provider or partner and they, in turn, send back information to CompuPay sufficient to fulfill your request. Payroll Information Gathered and Use CompuPay offers our customers the ability to process their payroll via the Internet through POWERPayroll. Within our secure POWERPayroll site, customers provide confidential payroll data each time they process a payroll. CompuPay uses this data strictly to process customers payroll. Company payroll data and individual employee data is never used outside payroll processing parameters. In reviewing CompuPay’s Internet Privacy Statement, please keep in mind that it applies to United States customers and Web site visitors only. If you have questions about CompuPay’s Internet Privacy Statement, please contact us.

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